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  ©1975 - 2015 FloatDreams

  ©1975 - 2015 FloatDreams


Extensive research, and unanimous consent amongst floaters, has proven that floating is an excellent remedy for stress. Floating relieves rheumatic pains, reduces blood pressure and fortifies the immune system. Floating triggers the production of endorphins, which generates a feeling of well-being. Profound relaxation encourages deep breathing throughout the body; this combined with visualization techniques makes the tank an incomparable healing aid.

The Floatation environment has been used by professional athletes all around the world to heal injuries. Focused visualization of winning strategies and moves in a Floatation environment can give you a competitive edge that can put you in the winner's circle. Deep relaxation reduces pain by decreasing lactic acid buildup and increasing beta endorphins, while in-tank visualization and guided imagery rehearsal improves coordination and performance skills. Give yourself a winning edge in a Floatation Environment.


Business is demanding and competitive, just like sports. A winning strategy optimizes your best assets-stamina, positive outlook and creative thinking. Use of a Floatation Environment can stimulate both hemispheres of the brain to promote creative thinking and problem solving, while maintaining a clear, calm and focused direction. Recharge your business and career batteries in a Floatation Environment, and get the definitive edge on your competition.


Floating eliminates the presence of these shifting physical input patterns and their changes and reduces the intensity of stimulation down to the most minimum level possible; this "reduced" environment allows one to start the meditation at the point only achievable outside the tank after some inhibitory work and some time spent doing that work.

relaxed. Floatation is the finest place on this planet to repose, rejuvenate, eliminate pain, and restore beauty.


Each day we need to find a moment to be still and quiet and get reacquainted with our breath. Our breath can heal our bodies, which feeds oxygen to our cells.


Yoga is essential to a well balanced life. There is benefirt for all those who practice yoga by floating. Have you ever experienced shavasana without gravity, try it sometime it totally changes the expereince and allows a much more inward awarness.


Numerous profound aesthetic experiences, and moments of creative illumination, insight, or revelation have occurred in circumstances in which sensory input has been reduced in some way.








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