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"For those who do meditation, it is also a definite aid. It turns out that the tank and its isolated environment do for one what one must do within one's own mind-body when meditating in the usual environment. While meditating, sitting cross-legged or on a chair, or lying in a bed, one examines the environment. Slowly but surely during the meditation, one can inhibit the responses of these patterns of stimulation and get deeper down inside one's own mind. The tank eliminates the presence of these shifting physical input patterns and their changes and reduces the intensity of stimulation down to the most minimum level possible; this "reduced" environment allows one to start the meditation at the point only achievable outside the tank after some inhibitory work and some time spent doing that work.

In the tank one need not do that work. Undistracted, one starts concentrating immediately upon one's inner perceptions and dives deep into one's mind (when one is trained on how to do this transform). "In the province of the mind, in the inside reality, what one believes to be true, either is true or becomes true within certain limits. These limits are to be discovered experimentally and experientially. When so determined these limits are found to be further beliefs to be transcended."


Dr. John C. Lilly "The Deep Self"

Has anyone ever told you that it takes years to be able to meditate. or if you just follow there program you will be meditating in no time. Yes it is very hard to relax. We are not taught how to do this. And really we are taught it is better to achieve, and run, and do. Well it is a good thing to be able to do everything. Floating will allow you to, relax, let go, learn how to relax and let go like nothing available on this planet.

The Floatation spas and tanks are developed to have no sound no light and to suspend you within its warm salty solution. It takes you into the meditative theta state immediately. This allows one to open up and sense and feel more connected. Floating is the perfect place to slow down and be with oneself and meditate.


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